duck roleplay

Original duck - rosie_the_demon
Halo duck - @Rascal
Bucket hat duck - @Buttery_Bread
Sparkly duck - bakugou.katsuki
Quackity duck - @Quackity
Georgenotfound duck - @GeorgeBeenFound
Dream duck - Mrs.wu
Karl duck - @KrewCake
Badboyhalo duck - badboyhalo_simp
Tommyinnit duck - Matteo_Gonzalez
Tubbo duck - not taken
ranboo duck - @Autumn_Hall
Notebook duck - not taken
duck duck duck duck - not taken
quacker duck - not taken
Neckalace duck - not taken
Among us duck - not taken
Nihachu duck - @nihachu
Realistic eyes duck -
Bowtie sunglasses duck - not taken
Sniff duck - not taken
Suit duck - @NotANuggy
2D duck - not taken
Fire head duck - not taken
Sleepy duck - TotallyNotJade
ran and boo duck (aka duckboo 2) - @Ranboo
Crusader duck - The_Cooler_Ban
B!sh duck - Bubles
Pink haired duck - Zach
duck rp


can i join but am not putting my profle picher to a duke though if have a probem pm about it


yay thx

Which duck

umm i will be ranboo duck

Halo duck please?




The ducks get run over by Sammy Emily’s car

if u wanna join this ur pfp ranboo duck

how dare u

that’s not what this is about

oki calm ur qukers

ducklove Tumblr posts -
and this halo duck for halo duck of u wanna join

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omegaxx9 on Scratch
hes gonna kiIl you for that

ugh ranboo is here

hello comrades i am here to ki11 the duck version of myself

Not ranboo duck