Dystopian Singularity (Linear Roleplay)

Welcome to Dystopia.

These barren wastelands have seen centuries of hardship, empires risen from ashes only to burn into them, droughts plaguing the lands has mere humans try to survive.
Many have fallen, bones to dust and their ashes to the wind.

How long will you last?
Will you survive with your group, or set off on your own to take your place in the Singularity.

Questions, Questions, Questions,
All with no immediate answer.

But to know yourself, the people around you, and your goal,
Is to have found the secrets inside yourself. And Only when you find your secrets, with you find the singularity.


So, who’s interested?
I’ll work with whatever amount of people I can get.

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Alright, lemmie get a list going.

  1. @Alex-TheGayPeep
  2. @Ethan.kun


Can I join?


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I’m working out the basics, like story, events and such.

It’s not final, but I have a basic idea of where it’ll go.

Can i at least say " auto bots roll out "

damn, this died