Emoji request!

im slaying tho random


  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t think that’s gonna work out- I mean you would never know tbh

Also you need a poll for people to vote

better or… do i need to be at a certain trust level?

Oh no any trust level can do polls


I edited it

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thank you

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i like it ig


oof i wonder why they said no

I assume because the emoji just doesn’t really have a use-

oh i guess your right

well now that i think about this there is no use for this emoji…

I mean- it’s kinda funny

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@blife450 what is the use of this emoji?

why are you asking blife he wouldn’t know i am the one who requested this emoji not him

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I trust blife more then you
Robert Pattinson Reaction GIF by The Batman


Intensifies Bruce Wayne GIF
did you saY BRUH

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I don’t trust blife
He keeps Rick rolling me