Fanart of Calypso I got from Pixilart friends

Might maybe use this for a pfp; dunno.

Just the girl with Tom, the Creator’s Merman OC

The girl
(Credit to @GoodByeNumber4 on Pixilart for the above images)

(Credit to @HoneyNutSoup on Pixilart for the above image)
The Lovely Siren Lady

(Credit to @Strawberry234 on Pixilart for the above image)
This artist took some Artistic Liberties with the Girl, and I like it, ngl.

(Credit to @Vintage-Beyonce on Pixilart for the above image)
Did I mention that the Amulet 'round the Siren’s neck is capable of many things? Like casting a fog of a similar green, Hypnosis from a flashing aura of greens; and even Cause panic and paranoia within those (besides Calypso and other sirens) that stare into it for too long?

@PLSMSNAG; It’s the her. It’s Servian’s friend- :D

i wanna draw them when i get a new stylus

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Ooohh those are all so pretty


You’re more than welcome to do so. ^^

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Thanks. I got them from friends. :D

Omahgoodzess purty

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Yeah. She truly is.

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ngl this is the best one


It really is though; But I also like the other ones. :D


“sirens” remind me of azur lane lol

Siren Head

long, exhausted Sigh Sirens (Which may be a subgenre of Mermaid) have nothing in relation to Trevor Henderson’s thingamabob.

Nice artwork
She looks like genderbent Luca

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actually idk if that’s the case (them being a subgenre of mermaid)
sirens come from greek mythology. the most famous appearance is in the odessey, when odysseus (ulysses in roman mythology, if that helps) has his shipmates tie him to the mast so he can hear their song, which supposedly has a ton of wisdom and hearing it makes sailors go insane and want to swim over to them (and ultimately die). ships often are sunk near them as a result.

also the sirens are the sailors that got too close to them



But what’s it got to do with Trevor Henderson’s monster?

nothing at all :D (note the edit i just made)

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OHhhhhhhhhhhh. Gotcha.

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yvw :>

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