flag option idea

make a separate flag for people who try to date :>





i mean think of how useful this could be

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That’s kinda of useless since the dating part would fall under inappropriate since this website is made of young kids and teens.


i mean, yeah, but since the dating is such a huge problem i feel that it needs a separate flag

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Half of people on here are dating each other so how are we supposed to detect or know

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I think it would be better if we had a flag option for offensive content, since it doesn’t really fall under inappropriate or any of the other categories.


I think an Anonymous poll voting would do for this issue.

Guess ill die

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Both of those reasons are included in the flag options as both of them violate the community rules.
The flags options differ in what happens next and by level of the violation, so here only maybe a description change needed


i think there should be an option to flag a user

All users are flagged for their posts, and the violating post gets attached to the flag, and violating user forever

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Post text with everything in it, time, flagger and violator gets attached to the flag action if the flag gets approved. This information is needed to prove the violation

Not forever, but long

im sorry, but that still doesn’t make sense xd

It does, you aren’t understanding
He is saying since you’re gonna flag a post, it will show what they did and who did it, instead of flagging the user
Because if you just flag the user, then as a mod, you won’t see what they did

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You may need to expand your vocabulary

I think it pretty much falls under the inappropriate category in this case

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