*~Fnaf rp~*

you can be anything from fnaf, ocs are okay only if you ask me beforehand, same with ships.

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hey can I join as an oc?


so do we wait or what


me neither

i wanna join pls

sure but the creator hasn’t been active at all

BRUH :face_vomiting: this roleplay is garbage

just be quite

Hey, can I join in? Ive been a huge Fnaf fan since I was little and I’d like to rp here! I’m most involved in Afton lore, so maybe something with that if I can- I wanna be Norman( C.C.) if that’s okay

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sure but just know that the creator hasn’t been active

pls do not be rude

May i join as well

fredrick fazerton



How many characters are we allowed to be?

I miss le creator

3 is fine, same but for now me and you will be in charge if you want

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