Fnf vs imposter v4 rp

heya welcome to my Fnf vs imposter v4 rp
Rules: 1. don’t be rude or im making Malak close the topic
2. you can be whoever you want
3. you can choose 1
no jokes are allowed
4. be kind
5. and don’t forget to be the change

pink shifter: @pink-shifter
Black imposter: @KarmaSheComes
White imposter:@Risikat_Fagbemi
Pink crewmate/Imposter:
Red imposter:
Green imposter:
Yellow Crewmate:

Maroon Imposter:
Monotone imposter:@Rocky_Rickaby
Fortegreen Crewmate: @Soldier_Moon

Can i be Monotone, even though he isn’t listed?

more is coming soon so more is coming friday

Alright. Let me know if you add him.


more Came

i’m black!


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:= :sob:

Joe mama

you just broke a rule


but you can still join

you only got 1 rule broken you only have 3 more chances left

thats not allowed and memes cant be in here so

Looks like a among character :moyai:

came here to play the rp

when the hamster is sus :moyai:

I get to be Fortegreen because hes my favorite Among Us Creepypasta

not to be rude but im pretty su r e tha pink shifter is part of a fan vs imposter mod, and u spelled maroon wrong its not marron :face_with_raised_eyebrow: