Following a collection

@blife450 It would be cool if it were possible to follow a certain collection - that way whenever a new cursor is uploaded in a collection we’re following, it automatically adds to our collection. Ex: If I were following the Among Us Collection, and a Minecraft Steve + Among Us cursor was created, it automatically adds to my collection without me needing to go onto the tab and add it. :heavy_plus_sign: Hope you like the idea : )


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Actually, that’s a good idea
Although blife does already post the latest cursors in topics

You can follow certain topics, but topics are not linked in any way by game or a movie

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What do you mean by

? Sorry I don’t understand :grimacing: :confounded:

You can only follow cursor ideas


and also im new

yea… but i meant in like the actual thing, not in these conversations

On the main site, we have an RSS feed’s for every collection - you can subscribe to that and receive notifications if something is added to a collection