for those that make Picrews for others...

could you make Kevin, my Raccoon OC?
Black Gloves
Black Boots
Black mask around the eyes
Cyan eyes
Light grey pants and long sleeve shirt
average height
Black and White ringed tail
cat-like ears

ping me with the image of him when you finish!

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oh, and his hair is grey, even though he’s 14

@nihachu @EliteSnowNinja @galaxywiings could you do this for me?

hey @Ink_Bendy, could you make Kevin for me on Picrew, after you finish with @Gem_Wolf’s request?

hey @Ink_Bendy, be sure to read, and remember these things:

ok, @Ink_Bendy?


um, hi?

ofc i was working on it srry lol

ok! how far are you on him?

ooh I’ll do that at some point

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