fortunes from discobot

No one said I was though…

am I rude and mean @discobot fortune


is @Icedcatpusheeno a member of my family @discobot fortune

When was she-

Who said I was?

you are a friend of my dad, right?

No Keith’s my uncle

She doesn’t know your dad…

say wha- WHAT ABOUT-

exactly so you are a member of my family tree…

but she is my daughter-

w h a t

And Carly ate his mom/my grandma that time she was eating my family in our pm :smiley::smiley:

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we are getting fortunes from @discobot

hold up, wait a minute, what?!?!



so this “carley” person ate my MOM?!?!

ummmmmmmmm Carly**