futurama cursors

cursor #1: Fry and Fry In Crynogenics lab freezer thingy

cursor #2: Leela and Nibbler

cursor #3: Professor Farnsworth and Planet Express Ship

cursor #4: Amy and Amy In Lemer Pajamas

cursor #5: Bender and Bender Bending Something

cursor #6: Dr.Zoidberg and Dr.Zoidberg Taking A Bite Out Of Earth Flag

cursor #7: Scruffy and Mop

hi, who likes futurama and wants futurama cursors? #bringbackfuturama

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chat room (idk LOL)

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Pop1 cursor

vote if you like the simpsons and or si -fi

no one ever replies or looks, i mean i have lie 20 something views, but only 8 votes. thanks to those who voted

more views! : ) but not more votes : (

woah thanks. 11 votes

lol i post too much on here. someone else post? eh nah. i’ll just stop



thanks for voting if you did

how i vote

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go to top where it says 12 in a box and under that it says β€œvote” in a box, press/click the word"vote"


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i voted

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yep ur welcome

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