Gems & Crystals Collection

Hi, JZk here,

I just was looking at the Starter collection and saw a bunch of the crystal and gem cursors. So could you make a Gems and Crystals cursor collection? Please vote! :gem:


Maybe Wings of Fire Collection

My Favorite one’s the Fluorine Crystal.


Mine Too!

great! i do like also so much cristals I think we are tree now

what does tree mean

ups sorry my stepelling


what do you mean by treeeeeee???

I hate the computer keyboard

3 that is what i mean

cool we should be online friends

We need more votes, people! thx @SmartShark

i have suggested this as well so it is nice to see others agreeing


@dookie_12 you wanna join our team?

yeah, sure @Florianna_Okiei

someone should tag blife450 this idea

k I did

He says there needs to twelve, but there’s only nine right now. I suggested Galena.

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