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Local leader says honor system for masks is already not working


Several days since the CDC said fully vaccinated Americans can ditch their masks, experts are worried about the rapid changes

More places in the US lift mask mandates. One local leader says the honor system is already not working

(CNN)Several days since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said fully vaccinated Americans can – for the most part – ditch their masks, more places are announcing changes to their mask policies, or doing away with the requirement altogether.

CVS Pharmacy and Target both said on Monday they will no longer require fully vaccinated guests to wear masks inside their stores unless mandated by local leaders, joining other businesses who have dropped mask mandates for those who have gotten their shots.

“Face coverings will continue to be strongly recommended for guests and team members who are not fully vaccinated,” Target said in a statement. Unvaccinated CVS customers are asked to continue masking up.

Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced fully vaccinated people will no longer be required to wear masks in many locations, with exceptions for schools, healthcare facilities, and transportation hubs.

But experts are worried about the rapid changes, and say that without verification systems, parts of the country are now having to rely on an honor system to ensure unvaccinated Americans are masking up – a system that some say, does not work.

“I say this respectfully to the CDC but we really need to get back to a point where it’s encouraging (people) to get vaccinated and more of that focus rather than celebrating our newfound freedoms,” the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, told CNN on Monday. “Because the honor system just ain’t working here, I don’t think it’s going to work in a lot of parts in this country,” Mayor Quinton Lucas said.

Now, the mayor said, local officials, are worried about how to move forward.


“It creates these sort of challenges where, how does the store clerk check it? How does our health department actually enforce any rule at all? So, while I respect many of the jurisdictions that are trying to, I think, really have adherence to the CDC (guidance), it’s a challenge for us,” the mayor said.

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