Get rid of this little guy (joke topic)


Why should he be suspended? Because he’s a super man fan
What’s wrong with that? Because

@blife450 hates Superman so I think this extra should be removed from the ccc forever :moyai:

Let’s all be real here

The end and thats my reason

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I dont really think that’s a reason why to suspend him…

I have only been here FOR 6 DAYS!

Read the title btw- just incade you don’t know

0-0 now I notice it sorry :smiling_face_with_tear:

6 days… of being a super man fan?

That’s just… evil now you have to go :cold_sweat:

Also I made this a roleplay topic so people can know this is a joke


Jellyflame your not getting away with this

You here me :moyai:

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That’s it Rick roll time.


@yummyorangejuice cmon I need back up :confounded:

0-0 uh ohhhh

Rick Roll GIFs | Tenor

Ok I’m bored I leave now

I’ve retired

No why :confounded:

Your a super man fan and you rickroll

its a joke…

Ya they realized that now-

omg this so bad :sad_tears:

we need to flag this dude real quick we must at the moment GRGGRGRRRRR GGRRRGRRGGRRGRGRRRRGRGRRRRRRRRRRRRr