Gift art | Dredge OC | Amelia Tremblay

Well, I decided to make some Fanart of a friend’s Dredge OC.

This is Amelia Tremblay, a Canadian Shipwright who, outside of repairing ships with Greater Marrow’s Shipwright; is often seen playing in the dirt and turning over stones and logs in the Forest and around the Coast of Greater Marrow for Worms, Roly-Pollies and Centipedes, which she has a fascination with the little critters. The gal also loves a Good crab boil; regardless the species of Crab. Red, Brown, Blue, Snow, King, Dungeness, Green; doesn’t matter to her, as long as it looks like a Crab, she’s eating it. Even Squat Lobsters aren’t safe; as she enjoys those too. In fact, her addiction to Crab is what give Oliver Rickard a reason to use his Crab traps as often as his Dragger’s nets and fishing rods; as his heart warms to see the giant smile on the Canadian Lass’s face when Oliver enters the Shipyards to get his boat fixed, as well as to give her a giant bucket full up with Crab.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Nice :)



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HI ETHAN :wave:

Yes, she’s a ridiculously adorable redhead.

Ello there


:0 this looks so good what
i need a vid of this game

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Lemme grab some Videos of Jack playing it.

@galaxywiings, Here you go. :3

It looks amazing!

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