girls who do you ask a boy out

like a date to the moves and wicth move
it a boy and my school i kinda like and what clothes should I wear

what is a date to the moves

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and what is a witch move

she meant go to the movies for a date and she wondering what movie to watch

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Well what does the boy like?

Maybe put on a scary movie and when ur scared you can hold him or u can hold his hand and put on a romantic movie

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ha no


Why not

Oh and his name is Marcos

sooooooooo you telling me you ain’t dating Yachi…my ship…

No yachi and me are dating

yay!!! My ship has sailed!!!

I’m talking about in real life

oop- uhhhhhhhhhh I feel like he would like an action and fighting movie better.

But he play basketball

hmmmm then idk

Are there any sports moves?


a comedy movie would be best and you would have a good laugh! :)!

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