Golden Nyan cat badge :-3🌈

Name: Golden Nyan cat VIP :pleading_face: :rainbow:
description: You song the Nyan cat song now you are one of golden team Nyan cats :relieved: :pensive:
Image: GoldenNyan
How to get that badge : You have to sing the whole Nyan cat song with out YouTube
And gust have many Nyan’s there is in the song

Rules: No using YouTube No searching on google or any other websites :angry:

People that all ready have it: @Mr.Morgana, @Shifter, @Darky,@Redpandabee,

People that well get the badge soon: @Pink-shifter

Staff people : @l9verusa

Hope every one is having a great break :blush::cherry_blossom: :sparkling_heart: :rainbow:
Tell me your answers below for gusting the how many Nyan’s there are in the song

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Oi? How you gon figure out if someone used Youtube/Google to find it?

They get it right on the first try

…Right… Sure that’s gonna work.

Well; enjoy the loneliness of having the Badge.

If you know the song well… then you well get the Badge also tell me how many Nyan’s?


I don’t know. Besides, I didn’t want the badge to begin with. No harsh feelings.

Then why come huh :neutral_face: :expressionless: Just go your no fan… go and have your break like everyone else :pensive: :frowning_face:

How many badges did you make ._.

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Because how the heck will you be able to figure out if people looked it up on youtube or somthin’ SHEESH. No need to be volitale.

only 3

You should all ready know or ask someone that does know its aloud

…That sentence made no sense.

I know the number Nyan’s lol lol

Blue, you absolutely make ZERO sense in almost every sentence you ever say, it’s not rude but it’s the truth


Bruh still rude don’t even need to say it bruhhh >:(

No, i had to say it
Because you don’t know how to form proper sentences


And you keep on leaving everyone confused


only you so stop being rude

You drama starter

Ya know what? Hear me out

Try to go on google translate, and copy and paste your sentences there, right?

And then, you click on the speaker AKA the text to speech part

You will see how it makes sense now like that