Gryffindor Fan Badge

Name: Gryffindor Fan
Your daring, nerve, brave, and chivalry, you belong in the in the Gryffindor House!

@blife450 @Ashhhhhhh gives this too @Night_Wing, not me

For everyone who requests

@Night_Wing tell you accept

I accept.

why is this in General Discussion :skull:

it is in feedbacks

This request is wrong on many levels, same other three
First of all, one badge per week,
Second, its more of a fan badge, not a user-specific badge
Third, all users should have access to all fan badges
Iā€™m sure that many of the users here want to have Hogwarts House for their title, not just listed here

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So how should I change it

I love Gryffindor, and I hope to get the badge

Granted to @Night_Wing @Zman

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