Harry Potter House Quiz: Which Hogwarts House Would You Be In?

Take the quiz, whatever house you get I will make the badge for you if you want

gem are you ready for red taylors version friday

I have taken it, i am in gryffindor

I don’t listen to Taylor but sure :+1:

But I can see you are a really big fan

Which house did you get in Gem?


i am not prepared at all for this sad boy fall taylor is giving us

I’m a ravenclaw

I dont like harry potter

Im more into sci-fi

Can you make the badge for me Gem?

Furry potter

Screenshot 2021-11-11 6.48.55 AM

Ayyy hold on let me make the topic

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thank youuuu

I got hufflepuff :star2:

Ima mute this

Literally everyone I know is in Hufflepuff.

ive never read any harry potters or watched

I’ve read the first book, and watched clips from the movies, I think that’s as far as I’ll ever go.