Here are my custom cursors

those are preety amazing


They deserve to be actual cursors


may be a biast opinion but you have improper grammer.

cusu you

may be a bias* opinion but this is very much not needed

may be a beast option?

I love these. Would you consider uploading the PNGs of those cursors to either community creations or cursor ideas so we could have them as well? (By the way, my favorites are the one in the bottom left corner and the arrow one in the middle.)

imageedit_110_3831396800 imageedit_127_9415858039 imageedit_132_4201198724 imageedit_149_5408855441 imageedit_151_9386962304 imageedit_153_9834298861 imageedit_155_5965895082 imageedit_157_6412863405 imageedit_159_9481004130 imageedit_161_4542058556 imageedit_163_2122851292 imageedit_165_8484978571 imageedit_167_5992633393 imageedit_172_2579638441 imageedit_178_5759379223 imageedit_181_8915914095 imageedit_184_4837005157 imageedit_186_3807807204 imageedit_202_5559399141 imageedit_204_5584856455 imageedit_208_7652183237 imageedit_218_2800283436 imageedit_223_5938881154 imageedit_228_2739359918 imageedit_233_5811280869 imageedit_248_2939314992


imageedit_230_4120258540 imageedit_238_4327389298 imageedit_241_3801066907 imageedit_243_7161538343 imageedit_245_5491805474 imageedit_253_7370441259


Those are amazing.!

How do you do that?

Magic probably

My favourite ones are the star wars ones

yeah same

may be a beast or best option?

the play station ones are good too

How did you make those?