Hey guys! I Made a Gemsona for Steven Universe!

This gal is Plastic Gem. She’s almost like Amythest, however she’s taller, has more of an Hourglass build, and is blue instead of purple. Her backstory is that she wanted to become a gem (like in the show), so she started experimenting with gems to fuse to themselves. She discovered how to, but dropped her gem under her desk before she fused with it, and as she reached under the desk, she grabbed what she originally thought was the dropped gem, but was actually a plastic gem bead or whatever that you can buy at Walmart. She then accidentally fused with the bead instead, and now, she became the plastic gem. The powers she gained from this fusion were that she could stretch her limbs and her entire body to the extremes, and could change her form anytime she wants. Here she’s just holding an unknown and unnamed Gem, who I don’t own. I just needed a random character to add to fill in the smol. Hope you guys like her! :D

And feel free to show your Gemsonas down below!

idfk what this is but it looks cool-

You don’t know what Steven Universe is? Or you don’t know what my OC is?


For the first… Go watch it on Cartoon Network or some-

For the Second… She’s a Gem. y’know, she’s fused with a Gem and has the powers of that gem?


GOOD JOB! So cool!!

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I wonder if this will inspire you to make a Gemsona for yourself?

Also, I have another Gemsona in the works: Obsidian Gem. I haven’t made up a Backstory for him yet, but his powers are… that he’s extremely strong. Strong enough to bench press an entire Tank without even breaking a sweat, and if he happens to even just lightly punch anything or anyone, they’re gonna go flying.

Oh, Fun Fact about Obsidian Gem:
Obsidian has his gem in his head, right in the center of his forehead. It’s a blackish purple color, but if it’s damaged; which, let’s face it; he’s Obsidian, one of the Strongest(?) materials ever. It’d take a LOT to damage it; it will start leaking light purple fluid like Crying Obsidian. He tends to use himself as a Living shield to protect Gems who aren’t as strong as him.

Scratch ALL of that; thanks to Mercury. However I am replacing this fella with Cobalt Gem (The humans call him Cooper).


That’s really cool, but the question is what are you doing awake at 6:20AM !?:sob::sob::raised_hand:t4:

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Getting prepped to go to school

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So, won’t be back until 4:30 pm, EST or earlier.

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Bro we’re both ET :joy::raised_hand:t4:And 4:30?!i get back at 3:10 :skull:

When did you get into Steven Universe, Dash?

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A few days ago; Mona.

Also, Feel 100% free to make Fanart of her if you wish!

BESTIE HAI @Puss_in_Boots :)