(High school romantic rp) have not done this in a while

name: eclipse
s type: straight
likes: cold air sleep peacefulness eating
dislikes: hot summers and springs veggies loud peeps

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can i join?

Yes thank you

here is my character

age 17
s type:none
gender: female
likes dark colors, full moons, being by her family.
dislikes:crowds, people hurting her friends and family.
(sorry, this took a while)

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That looks so cute



I can make 2 ocs so it doesn’t feel empty @aquamarine2

Is it okay if i join ur rp?


okay here’s my character

Name: Blossom age: 17 s type: straight likes: moons and drawing dislikes: bugs and crowds. ( i’m sorry it took a long time because i had to wait for 3 hours to reply)

This looks so good


some of us might be late to the rp

Like where do y’all be finding these at

Like who?

i searched up realistic ani me girl (i had to make it ani me because when i searched up anime it was blocked) i think its realistic ani me girl.


i think @aquamarine2 is offline rn