I am all lonely now......

My old best friend acts like im not here and nobody else talks to me so…I might leave for a month or maybe just 2/3/4 weeks

Wait why ?


You can’t let people get in your way

well they did so eh idk…Im waiting till my @Shadow_Anonymous suspension is over

That s u c k s

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yep it rlly does…

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Yes they r

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No, they don’t .

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excpet @Rxsesarebroken bf …i said that so she doesnt get mad

blah blah blah

Look, i always used to say that about boy’s but then i found one who is the right one for me so, you might just can’t find it but one day you will.

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thats what i thought the first time…and look where i am now :unamused:

Uh- not you agian-

I found the right manz for me

Omg same here
Preach sister!

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Oooooooohhh who is ittttttttttt

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Mr.Man Queshlies