I had an idea

Would it be too hard to make it were you get a notification whenever someone votes on your poll? Idk if this has already been discussed, but it would kinda be helpful

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well maybe or not

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well yah cuz it is a great idea

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Watching status on a topic should provide you with that info

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Hm, it only notifies me if someone says something on the topic that I made, not if they vote on my poll.

Is that an anonymous poll?

How can I tell if it is?

Do you see who voted or for what or not?

No, I don’t see if they voted.

@blife450 make something out of this or uncover the data

it doesnt show

oh my god

i found an exploit

you need to set it so everyone can see it i think

It’s an anonymous vote and it probably should be like that

Oh ok

You are just using XML and it is forbidden here so its hidden

Thank you