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Ok then William Afton


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William Afton is the father. When Clara was pregnant with Micheal he was overjoyed but he never payed attention to him but When Clara was pregnant with Elizabeth, William started to pay a lot of attention. Then Clara had another child, which was Chris. William payed a lot of attention to them. But once they died he went insane


Me who just wants to teach them canon things and what we know instead of things that are just speculation
But we don’t know that-

he also boseses spring trap whith glichtrap that made him go insane


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And so then he let a glitch in his mind control him a bit to k i l l. But after a few years he started to feel guilty so he freed them, but the souls of the children found it as a chance to get revenge so they chased William into a room. William hid in the Spring Bonnie suit but then died from the springlocks. He was placed into the safe room for 30 years.


While those 30 years, he started turning into a strange green color and now he is called SpringTrap instead of SpringBonnie

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He became immortal after that as he died already and possesed a animotronic. He got to reunite with his whole family, suprised they were all dead too,


That’s all the info I know about him

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@GalaxyWings who do you wanna know next about now?

  1. Clara Afton
  2. Terrence Afton
  3. Micheal Afton
  4. Elizabeth Afton
  5. Chris Afton

who is terrence afron

Terrence Afton is the Oldest child of the afton family, he killed himself because he and Micheal were getting abused and Terrence couldn’t take the pain anymore of being hurt and seeing Micheal get hurt


I like glicthtrap and also molten freddy

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Not canon.

I get that’s an AU but try to keep things canon.