I know nothing about FANF

Indoctrinate (teach) me.




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ok i confess i know a little about fnaf

like, a bit about the aftons and that’s it

Anyone able to teach me about FNAF?

im in fnaf I’m secretly in Afton

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wich one let me gess spring trap

so teach me about fnaf


I’ll teach ya!

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riley afton

Who do you wanna know more about?

  1. Clara Afton
  2. William Afton
  3. Terrence Afton
  4. Micheal Afton
  5. Elizabeth Afton
  6. Chris Afton
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actualluy my freind told me about it

I wanted to teach her!

all of the above

chris is know as cc or crying child

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SOMEBODY gets it.

Ok just start with one of the options and I’ll start typing all the information I know about them. P.S this is my AU of the aftons (Not weird or anything though)

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Plus I can type pretty fast

he got killed by his own brother

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