I made myself in gacha club UvU and my friends

we got Noah Barks and Lil Fox AND MiStER FoX


i may no be your friend but pls make me in gachaaaa i always wanted to be in gacha!

What ever you do. Do not make me in Gacha

Can you make me into gacha

Nice :clap:


SurE UvU

anD SuRe UvU

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hey @BadKarMa and @Vintage_ghostie Do yall have a photo? that i can use so i can make yall in gacha club or do u just want me to make it as ur pfps

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Yea can I pm you it


I’ll make y’all in GC too?

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Yes can I semd you a picture


hi i was thinking i could make you guys you Acticia _luna and Big_brother_fox look is it good ? like if it’s good and you might ask if im new no just my account was hacked that’s why but does this picture looks good tell me​:point_right::point_left:

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its nice UvU just can i be a Boi?

shure :pleading_face:

if you want i can make a very good gacha and make you more pretty like a real fox yes no and do you want your friends in there just send me a photo

that looks so good i could never

nice ig