I think there is a virus.

I would like to make it clear I have nothing against Custom Cursor. I loved the software when I used it. I really just need help or an explanation as to why something is happening

I downloaded Custom Cursor in early 2020 to try and make my computer look more aesthetically pleasing. It worked, and I loved Custom Cursor, but after about half a year I deleted it because I was having problems with how much space I had on my computer. Sometime after, I deleted it. I had no issues up until 3-6 months ago when every 30 minutes to 3 hours or so I would receive a very un-Custom Cursor looking update window. I’m attaching an image of it to this post. It’s rather off-putting, and no matter what I’ve done it won’t go away.

When opening task manager, while the “Custom Cursor 1.0.4 is available!” window is shown, it says it is from Custom Cursor. I am able to close the window. I tried opening the file location and it brought me to AppData < Local < blife < Custom Cursor, and selects CustomCursor.exe. I tried deleting any and all of the files in the folder blife (your company) and no luck. Every time I’ve tried to delete any of these files it says it’s open somewhere else. I have closed every single tab except for File Explorer. It isn’t working, and it looks and acts like a virus. I don’t know what to do. Please, help.

I believe downloading cursors will take up some storage, how many cursors did you download?

And im not sure about the virus-esc look thing, Blife will have to talk about that with you.

There is a virus, or its my cursor… My cursor doe’s not show up, whenever i add a cursor… also when i dowloaded this app, it gave me a virus warning.

It’s not a virus, but you have the version with a glitchy installer, we switched it for a better installer long ago.
Just run the uninstall from Windows add remove programs, it should remove it completely.
If you want to, you can install 1.0.7 from our website once the old version is removed.

Most likely, your antivirus software doesn’t allow apps that weren’t tested manually and it gives you the yellow warning of unknown software and blocks some of the app’s functions.
Does clicking on the windows icon on the cursor give you any warnings or does the app open as it should?

You are the virus :crazy_face:

Nah jk

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It probably has something to do with your computer. I trust that Custom Cursor is not a virus alone. You likely received the virus warning because, when downloading all things off the web, it will give you a warning.