I think there should be an Image Filter.

Hi! I just saw @Alexis_Manning And @maxine_wolf Posting A LOT of gay anime photos which also includes GIFs, so i think there should be a Image Filter.

Otherwise they will do this OVER and OVER again…

yeah @Alexis_Manning and @maxine_wolf, that’s just weird

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Yeah, and moreover they did MULTIPLE images of that.

It isn’t like ONE or three images…

look i dont want to post them my gf just wants them ok…

so ask her she kept asking me …to post them ok i didnt want to post them

and whats wrong with gay anime???

a lot of stuff

then don’t post it. they can be ok… you don’t have to do everything thing she says

i dont want her to hate me so i do what she say…


but i wont do what she says

and u hate gay??

there is other ways to send those things if she is making you do it. You can use Google Hangouts, email, etc. so you don’t have to do that here

I just don’t think it’s right…

…ok and plus im breaking up with her when i talk to her again


…yeah oof

I would tell you, but you are SO USED to this stuff.

So you will just say, THAT’S OFFENDING. Even though my Sentence is clear and not really OFFENDING.