I wrote a story!:

Here’s the Wattpad version:

Ima read it when I get home


OG version:
It was dark, Lucas was wandering in the woods when he came across a small light flickering in the distance. He crept closer to it, and it grew brighter until he reached a house in the middle of nowhere, its windows open and light pooling out. He walked hesitantly to the doorstep and called for the knob. It felt cool in his sweaty hands. He turned the knob and pulled the door open as it creaked. Suddenly, the lights went out and lightning flashed in the sky, illuminating the inside of the house.

A tall figure stood there, staring at him, then as the flash faded, so did the figure. Lucas could feel the hair on his back rising, and he shivered. His mind screamed at him to turn back, but he felt strongly attracted to the house. He felt it back when he left his home last night, a deep sense of longing for this place. He had never seen or heard of this place, but he knew it was here, for he felt this feeling growing inside him, like a vampire longing for blood. He crept in, as the floorboards screeched, and he halted. He listened; in the distance, he heard more floorboards creak, but he was standing still, could it be the figure he saw earlier, he thought?

He started again towards the rest of the hallway in the direction of the noise. He ended up in a poorly decorated room, with cobwebs everywhere, piles of books scattered around, and a single candle lighting up the room. He stared at the books on the floor, examining their titles. He remarked that they were all about black magic and occult subjects. He shivered once more but continued his route through the house. The next room he came to was empty, except for a trapdoor in the ground. He pulled it open, revealing a set of stairs leading downwards.

He followed them downwards and got to a dimly lit basement where only a candle swayed, revealing a tea set, that roosted on a table in the center of the room, around two red velvet sofas. On one of them sat a hooded figure, staring at him. It stood up, and walked to Lucas, who was desperately trying to not move, hoping it would give up and walk away, but it continued forward. He was shaking erratically now, trying to keep control of his emotions. He knew the end was near, as it was inches from his face. He could feel the coldness emanating from its body. He realized he was holding his breath, and gasped for air. The creature lurched forward, and all went dark for him.

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best horror short story of the year

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On a dark night there was a creepy cat walking across the street. While that was happening a little 12-year-old named Katie was watching while eating a sandwich. It started to rain, and it was getting even darker. So, she followed the cat. The cat walked across an alley and then a car rams through running over the cat. Katie screamed loudly and tried to call the police officers. Katie’s phone was not working. She went back home to go tell her parents. When Katie got there her parents were not home. She went to her room upstairs the floor was covered in a gloopy black substance. Katie ran into the kitchen to check if her mother was cooking. Her mother was not there. Suddenly a mysterious voice says “Katie…” Katie grabbed a frying pan. A helicopter comes over to her house with a huge light. Evacuate now!

Katie ran to the bus; it was clumping with people trying to evacuate. The people turned around and they had no eyes. Katie was scared so much she ran very fast. She ran to an apartment and the people with no eyes followed her. “Katie…” The people whispered. Katie locked the door but then the people started to try to bust the door open. “Katie your time has ended. It’s too late to try to escape now.” The people said. The people with no eyes burst open the door. Katie escapes through the window. She climbed down a rope and went to the ground. The mob of people with no eyes grew bigger and filled the streets and highways. The mob eventually cornered Katie. NO! Katie yelled. The mob consumed Katie. Katie woke up her mom and dad woke up to the sound of her shrieking.” I am okay". Katie said when her parents came into her room. Was the dream real or not nobody knows…


what katie didnt realize was she staring into pitch black when she woke up

Then she realized that she was drowning in her subconsciousness and had no way of escaping. She screamed but nobody could hear her, she was all alone with the creatures of her worst nightmares. She was sitting on the grass when all of a sudden she heard a faint growl, she turned and she saw it…

her reflection

Which was actually an evil clone of her

and it moved closer, through the glass

closing in on its prey

She tried to scream only to find that her mouth had been sewn shut


she tried to stand but the darkness had already started to consume her

after that she drowned in her subconcessness(i cant spell lol)

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Not tryna be rude but there is a topic called writers of the community and i think the point of this topic we’re in was to only post their work and not really yours

nice but not up my alley


arent you like 10?

I’m 16, what are you trying to say? :skull:

You posted your work on a topic that wasn’t yours and i was showing how you can post it somewhere else to reach views on it