I’ll do the most top-tier acting you’ve ever laid your eyes upon
Ask me any character and I will go overboard as long as I know them

Characters I’ve done are:
Spongebob SquarePants
Three and Four from 7lm
Tulio Triviño
K.O from OK K.O Let’s be Heroes


Pomni tadc

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Nick Eh 30 (just saying this bc I accidentally downloaded his music video 3 times on my phone)

Do SpongeBob SquarePants again I kin him

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Sans Undertale

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I actually don’t know who that is

Do you want me to do the same one which is where he befriends a blobfish? @DustBunny requested for this idea

Eh I’ll just do it either way
here goes nothing

La la la laaaaaa la laaaaaa- WOAH it’s a BLOBFISH and it’s here in the Bikini Bottom!
Wanna become friends- buddy? foghorn noises
I’ll take that as a yes! LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA LA LAAA


You seem like fun. Let’s go jelly fishing together
insert a whole montage of him going out with a blobfish


BAHAHAHAHA That sure was really fun right buddy?

Aww don’t be shy now c’mon bud speak up!

sandy comes in the icecream store Uhmm Spongebob… That is uh… not living? Blobfishes aren’t suppose to be like this pinkish color…


Skeletor and anakin skywalker

You backed down and gave up :skull:


That’s unfortunate


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I got a impression you can do

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OOH OOH what is it?

Tell me tell mee tell meeee

I want you to do

Hector the rock from omori