Is there a limit on cursors?

When I try to install some cursors and leave the collection, the cursors I just installed are gone. Also, I have two Cute Cursor Collection categories, with one having all the cursors and one missing a few. I was wondering if there is a limit on cursors that prevents me from getting all the ones I want.

i have no idea. sorryyyyy…

Oh yeah I also have two cute cursor collections. Been wondering about that.

there might be a unintentional one… but it might be because there is a limit of space

that has happened to me too but i just added them back once it happened… once it was because i acidentally uninstalled it but when i added something it came back… so my suggestion would be to re-add them back and see what happens

Yeah I try but when I do they just leave again or different ones leave

Oh wait I think I fixed it

I just went to manage and deleted the copies of collections I already had

Yes, there were changes on your site that could have cause that. Sorry :pleading_face:
If someone will run into that issue, just delete those collections and add them again from our site.

And no, there are no limit on cursors yet.

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Unfortunately, yes… no limit yet :disappointed:
But as our collection grows larger, there might be an issue of displaying so many cursor packs in the extension altogether.
But I think that we will find a solution to that before it will become a problem :smiley:

oh ok yayyyyyyyyyyy

I think there is no limit on cursors.

Cursor Limits

  • There is no limit!!!