itsfuneh and the KREW cursors

i would like it if we didnt just have a funneh cursor but the entire krew cursors

here are some people who might agree with me @Jacob_Greskiwcz @Malik_Garcia @KrewCake and @Midnight_Wolf

YOU ARE freakin right boi

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you know funneh messaged me

she said yessssssss

i only found this cause you metioned me


yes draco yes

also i my post on krew cursors i said whole krew as cursor

also @Draconitedragon i love itsfunneh’s channel

I only watch the channel cuz of @Draconitedragon


Hey who voted on this cause I did

There is a ItsFunneh cursor cause I was the one who said that there should be one. I also think that there should be ones for Gold, Lunar, Rainbow, & Draco.



Yeah I really like this idea!

dude i i said krew cursors first caused @Funnehcake replied and said yesssss

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@blife450 pls make more itsfunneh and the KREW cursors

OMG there is krew cursors

i wish there was more tho