Jumanji welcome to the jungle

This is gonna be a comedy and adventure rp mostly

Jumanji is where you get trapped in a video game and you need to complete it to get back in the real world
You and your team have to work together with your set of skills but don’t lose all your lives tho!




OH MY- Ethan you read my mind!!!

l’M IN

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ONLY 3 LIVES :eagle:

Ok 4 people that’s perfect-

Rp is already maxed

@traversety did you wanna join ?

No wait i planned on making it but not joining it…

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Oh- that’s fine wanna just spectate?

Yes please!

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Ofc, I Am Jay, ive survived Hiroshima

I call the rock, or Robin Williams

If it’s full do the second movie it has more characters

We can do the first movie first
Then the 2nd movie

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Then the original?


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Bruh, I thought this was going to be an OG thing, with our OC’s finding the game and playing it… I would’ve totally used Kev Cooper. Way to slaughter my hype.

We can do that too but also have the original cast

ethan, but you have more rps you need to finish why do you choose to start another one?

Eh I don’t see why not :man_shrugging:

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How to beat this game

Just dont find the game in a yard sell at all Easy win :+1:

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