Lemonade stand

Hey ur fresh lemonade here only for 1$
(cash only)


Is this a roleplay right?

Ya lol it is

i prefer the black lemonade from that one spongebob episode

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Got any grapes?

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ba bum bum bum ba ba bda

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No we only sell lemonade

Duck & Lemonade Man
Likes: lemonade grapes and oranges
Hates:Orange juice
Realtionship: Bestest Of Friends.


You deserve reward for best oc

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I shall be my OC

deff ot a cringe recolor /j


yessir i got a badge

for best oc

Well you didn’t get a badge but-

I legally give you the title now :moyai:

So his name is Amen Gus and he likes lemonade and he goes up to grape stands asking for lemonade

Mind if i join


Lemonade man: Lets get some grapes duck

Duck: Can we get Lemonade and grapes?