Let us share!

I may be completely blind, but I didn’t see anywhere where you can upload your own cursor creations. I have made several different cursor that I would love to share with everyone here if there was a way to do so. It would be great to see other people sharing their cursors too!

Thank you for your time.


Hello @Nethender
One of the goals of this community is to see your works.
Yes you can share!
We hope to see your vision of cursors and your works!!
We moved to community because here you can add our own images to post and we would be happy to see your ideas

Please add them to cursor ideas topic so that other’s could vote on them
If we gather other creators we will create another thread aimed exactly on the works of our fans! :smiley:

@Nethender Please, be the first to start posting your works
We would really appreciate it

Hi, can you please make a sofie dossi or poke cursor in the youtubers section? I would really appreciate that.