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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a friend with me by my side. No matter what the circumstance, I’ve always snagged even small bits of time for my friends. They make me feel joyful, whether or not something upsetting has happened in my life. I firmly believe that friendship is the key to making it through the turbulent waters of life. I found this to be true when I received news that we were moving away to a new state, away from my old life.
I’ve been through a lot of highs and lows ever since we moved. Letting go of the house I spent my childhood in was no easier than having to lift a colossal boulder alone. As we moved from the familiar world of my old home to the very new area of my new home, I had one thing keeping me together- my closest friend, who I’ve known for about ten years.
The day I found out that we were selling our house, I ran to my friend. She consoled me like a mother hen comforts her chicks. We walked together a thousand times up and down our hilly neighborhood. Day after day, week after week, we walked and talked with one another. We spoke of everything from glorious times of the past to the rocky days of the present. We even spoke of the future, planning our lives for later years.
My friend kept me in one piece. As the moving day became more and more real, we became closer and closer. We became so close we could’ve been stuck together. She helped me figure out what I could do after I moved to keep myself comforted. We made plans to visit as often as we could. But without her, I would’ve been a sailor sailing through a rocky river, lost forever.
Friendship embraced me with her comforting arms. My friend was the one thing that made sure moving wouldn’t end up a monstrous mess. A strong friendship is like a breeze on a sweltering summer’s day- it makes you feel better when you need it the most. And that breeze always comes back later on when it’s needed the most. It helps people to get through the hard parts of life. And with the key of friendship, I’ve unlocked the door to navigating my way through life. Without this key, I would’ve been desolate and forlorn. Friendship makes sure one gets through life. I appreciate it, and this is why I believe in it so completely.


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