Limited time cursors

There should be cursors that are available for a limited time before it goes away. This will make cursors have value and people could show that they frequently check the extension. For example, there could be a cursor that’s available on Halloween of 2019 only once it’s gone it’s gone for good.

good idea. But would would you keep them. Add to favourites maybe

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Yes or a new section called “Limited Edition”

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so if you get them befor they disaper, they will stay there untill you get rid of it


Yes but why would you get rid of a Limited Time cursor?


Maybe if it is limited edition, then you could save it somehow so that you can delete it from your popout menue for the extention, but it would be saved onto your account, like you could hide it if you don’t want so see it for a bit, but then you can un-hide it so that it reappears onto your extention menue, but it was never really deleted

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so hide it but not delete it


Their could be something on your profile that shows our limited time cursors.

Added Death and Scythe Cursor to Halloween cursor collection

Halloween Death and Scythe Cursor