Loading and icon issues

Recently ive been having issues about CCC taking forever to open, and in most cases stop responding; i was wondering if it had something to do with a site update or if it was just my device, and on another note, the logo in the app icon for ccc has been shrinking, now at the point where i cant see the cursor anymore without max zoom, is there a way to fix this?

Is your computer in the school network or at home?
Do you have some similar extensions installed?

I use a tablet, and mainly use my home network. Sometimes ill get on durringnschool at lunch, but most of my active time is in my downtime at home.

And its everywhere the same?
That image is different depending on a platform

I solved thenissue, just uninstalled the app. Loads fine and the icon is big again

Strange that this issue even existed

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Yeah, ill let you know if the icon does that again or if im having issues accessing CCC


Ok, thanks