Lovely View from up here; Eh? (Pixilart Contest Entry)

Soooo; Basically, I saw that one of my best friends over on Pixil made a Part two of a Contest they created a while ago. It’s a Vesper DTIYS. So, what I did was I drew the girl (Vez is the one floating about the busted Satalite, btw) commenting to my Astronaut OC, Elisha (Remember that dude? I’ve finally found a reason to draw the guy. :D) about how beautiful the Cosmos are; while also accidentally startling the guy, since he’s getting ready to repair that busted Satalite shown.

But yeah, Hope you guys enjoy. :D

I’m honestly proud of how Elisha looks. Granted, I’ve never drawn the guy before, but, despite that, this first attempt honestly shocked me with how good it looks. >>

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ooo nice

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i like the satiletie or however you spell it

Satalite. And thank you.

Shoulda made The Satellite Of Love from Mystery Science Theater 3000

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While I would’ve; two things kept me from doing so:

  1. I don’t watch a lot of MST3 (Sorry)

And I don’t know what that is (The satalite of Love; not the show you’re referring to).