Madness Combat RolePlay

Somewhere in Nevada a place of chaos and bloodshed resides. Madness runs rapidly across the baren landscape. The characters that reside here include:
Hank j. Wimbleton - Taken by @Adidas_Doge
Deimos - Free to take
Sanford - Free to take
But with heros will always be villains.
Tricky - Taken by @Ozzy
The Auditor - Free to take
2BDamned - Free to take
(You’ll notice a character is missing, idk if something will stir up if that character is included or not but I’m not taking the risk)
Other characters wander around the land of Nevada.
Kev - Taken by @DashtheWarrior

@Vaporwave, you interested in joining?

Nope, I never watched Madness Combat.

I’ve never even been on Newgrounds before.

i wanna be tricky


(Kev’s interested-)



i want to be auditor