Minecraft Fan Badge

Descriptions: The Nerds of the block game, biggest fans of one of the best selling games in the world, you have been granted this badge, this shows that you know a lot of the game and adore it with your life, Your a Minecraft Fan Boy/Girl!

@blife450 when your ready

This is called “Minecraft Fan Badge”

Give it to @Offical_Simix and @Technobeenfound


kinda susss


Whoops let me change that, that is embarrassing

Ok where good :sweat:

Okay :+1:

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Can i get it!?

Ok prove that you can have it


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ohhh can I have the badge?

Also include requester next time


can i get it?

can i have it?

who is the new company of the game other then notch

Oh ok

how am I suppose to know- I don’t pay attention to the companies and stuff-

Can I have it pwease

microsoft im pretty sure


i think cause ik mojang sold it to someone and i think its microsoft