More Dredge OCs

Hey Guys; I made more Dredge Characters!

From left to right; these three are;

Liev Smirnov, a Russian barkeep who’s traveled to Greater Marrow by Merchant ship, and now lives on the island and runs the Bonny Marlin, his Tavern in Greater Marrow.

Marino Bianchi, an Italian Rigging man who’s arrived fresh off the Docks of Venice, Italy onto the port of Greater Marrow. He’s dating the lovely Apprentice of the town’s Fishmonger, Marriba Eklund.

And Marriba Eklund, the Swedish apprentice of Greater Marrow’s Fishmonger; seen here carrying an absolute CHONKER of a Bigeye Tuna. His name’s Jerry. :D

But yeah; Hope you guys enjoy these three. ^^

(Also, @Renzo_the_Destroyer; before you swoop in and blast me to kingdom come, THESE ARE MY OCS; Therefore I can do whatever I wish with them. :D)

((Also also, Liev’s Body positive about his appearance, just wanted to clarify ^^)

I’ve also got Gacha stuff of these three from a friend over on PA.

They. The Kiddos- <3

Seems like it’s that time again at the Bonny Marlin; since Marino’s telling his friends jokes. Some are good, while others are so bad they’ll make you gag.

They just chillin’. <3<3<3


I still love these kiddos- <3