Mortal Kombat Cursors

WE NEED MORE MORTAL KOMBAT CURSORS! Here are my ideas for cursors:

Johnny Cage: An oscar, or just an acting trophy
Sonya Blade: Her sentry
Liu Kang: Nunchucks
Kung Lao: His Hat
Cassie Cage: Either her drone or her pistols
Kabal: His hook swords
Kano: A bottle of alcohol
Robocop: Either his pistol or his Cobra Assault Cannon
Jax Brigs: Either his Grenade Launcher or a cigar
The Terminator: Either his endoskeleton hand or his shotgun
Erron Black: A stick of dynamite, a vial of acid, or his rifle
The Joker: Either a jack in the box or his cane
Spawn: A Hell Chain

i fully support kabal cursor


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