My biggest fan is back!

@sunas.wife is BACK!!
She has been sick for a long time.
And I have a surprise for her…
Click here to see the surprise!

oh thanks for the surprise…? :slightly_smiling_face: and yay a celebration im BACK BABY!!! xDDDD

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It’s called Baldi’s Basics News.

ohmmmmmmmmm oh alright cool

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btw I have a figure.Baldi Basics – Youtooz Collectibles

wow is that a funko-?

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WhEn Is ThE nExT BaLdI NeWs

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it looks cool tbh

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It’s a youtooz.

ohh wow it looks cool



oh lol hai ash


is dis a celebration dat im back? lol

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sort of lol

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oki lol

so much lols tbh xDD

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