my final days on here for a while RP

(it’s a book i’m working on. wanna see what i have so far? i’ll pm it to you)

Her story that she’s working on that she mentioned.

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ok, but i have a theme that should play whenever i have only 12 more hours until i’m free from my restrictions, and it is this:

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so what are we gonna do in this roleplay?

whatever we want to, i guess?

(Momo: WAIT I HAVE AN IDEA. We can have the characters visit each other’s homeworlds/homelands!)

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and i will make ONE more pixel art of Wind Warrior, and a Snow Sister, a ice Elemental i just made up on the spot…)

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please do, along with Vulcan and Fireheart!)

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(I can already imagine it-- white, silver or blue hair, silver or blue eyes, lots of white and blue, maybe some wings–)

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can i join? because i have nothing else to do

sure, but if i’m not online after 2:41, don’t continue the roleplay, instead, wait until monday for me to be back!)

wait what state do you live in?

(yes, just don’t dominate the world with santana and link or you die)

no i won’t and i never dominate the world you should be talking to @DaRK_Dawg

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(what I mean is don’t be really annoying and try to kiII us all off)

its fun but fine

(brb gotta check on the pizza in the oven)