my final days on here for a while RP

OCs are allowed, and any universe is allowed, but not Fortnite or Among us, and i might allow some, but not all ships, depending if they are graphic or not…

WaveMaster: taken by @WaveMaster
Aquamarine: taken by @AquaMarine

can I be Lyte and Ninja


you are the one your sister got banned

btw, this roleplay must end by 2:40 pm, because i won’t be responding for the entire weekend, ok guys?)

me to on the 17th forever

but i’m not leaving CCC forever, i just won’t be on, thanks to my dad’s 3 weeks of electronic fun BS…)

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ready @EliteSnowNinja?)

(Heck yeah!)

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(Momo: my goal here it to get Corbin and Starr in luv-- okay, I’m obviously kidding)

should we call for @galaxywiings?)

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(You just did)

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h i. t h e r e

hey @galaxywiings, wanna roleplay for a bit until 2:41 pm?

y o u. w a n t. t o. s e e. a. s t o r y. i ’ m. w r i t i n g ?

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i mean, i would. but i’m working on a story that i really wanna make some progress on, so i’ll jump on to rp every so often, m’kay?

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(no you totally should)

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Sis, WaveMaster is more important than Cade Hunter and the backstories of magic knives.

s—t—f—u my will my choice

(0-0) wut?