My Inner Demons

Up to 15 characters! This is the story of 7 demons finding their way into the human world in order to find a source of magic , upon stumbling across a certain human/creature they hide in their home , what will happen? (Not my original idea and when everything’s ready/we will start , you can use a picture if you want)

Elder Demon: @Renzo_the_Destroyer
Demon Prince/Princess: @Mr.Forgettable
Demon Guard:
Demon Assassin: @KidoKami /Me
Demon Assassin 2: @victor-zander
Demon Assassin 3: @XxDeadlyRoseKyoxX
Demon Knight:
Demon Mage:
Character 1(who the demons live with): @Puss_in_Boots
Character 2 (C1 best friend): @Adidas_Doge
Character 3(also C1 best friend): @Nightwing
Character 4(Neighbor):
Character 5(Demon tracker):
Character 6(Demonologist)
Character 7(Idk):


Okay, to be fair… This sounds interesting…

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Yep , just pick a character

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Uhhhhh… I’ll take Character one.

I hope you’re ok with demons in your house

Can i be Character 2?


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Oh wait, there’s a C3, I call dibs if I’m able

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Done and done


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Can I be demon prince ??


Lemme just nab my Chara…



My Character:

(Credit to Kobes on DA for the above image)

Name: Elijah

Age: 27 (Even though that’s when he died; he’s Undead, so he doesn’t really age anymore; and due to how much time he’s spent in the Ocean, the water has no effect on him)

Gender: Male

Height: 5’6

Weight: 140 pounds

Species: Ghostly Diver

Personality: Skittish at first, but has a heart of solid gold (not literally), and loves being around his friends

Likes: Fish, Anything Ocean-related, The Deep Sea

Dislikes: The Deep sea (Because he has to contend with the monsters of the Deep Sea), Leviathans, Being mistreated/experimented on, Particularly dangerous places, creatures and people

Phobias: Phagophobia

Related Info: Elijah has razor sharp claws at the ends of his fingers, which he will use if he has to, and especially if he’s captured for experimentation against his will. He’s also a Pescatarian, meaning that his diet’s mostly made up of fish, squid, and shellfish. He’s also not a picky eater, and will supplement fish with carrion, sea birds, small sharks, and sea urchins. Also, he kindly asks that the Dive Mask stays on at all times, because you won’t like what’s under it. He is an Aquatic Zombie, after all, So the view under the mask isn’t pretty; but there’s no need to fear for your life. …Unless if you’re a fish, because he only eats fish and other aquatic life. But even then, he won’t try to hurt you, unless if you give him a reason to. Oh, and one more thing: While Elijah can survive outside of water, if he’s not in water for a long time, he’ll begin to die to Hypothermia, thus is why the Aquatic Zombie/Ghostly Diver likes to spend most of his time in large fish tanks.

Is this guy good, @KidoKami?

Ofc <3

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