MY(VERY BAD) baller drawing

Screenshot 2022-10-25 9.02.55 AM
rate it i guess


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i drew this in the computer so eh

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omg im happy

i changed it to communtiy creation

Hmmm could of done some shadings and a bit weird with the 2D and 3D mix and also not fully colored in. I’ll give a 4.5

Want me to do it for you?

Nice ig

nah im good

I’m still gonna do it :crazy_face:

you only scribbled over the shirt and ball. doesn’t count as your art /lm

@Noah_Green were you trying to make the pants look like jeans or just brown?





how do u draw like that

Practice and don’t go for complex designs first. Try taking baby steps like a ball or A B C blocks then a house a person eyes yada yada yada and you will improve

Also practice shading it will make it a lot better than just flat colors

oh ok

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