Need blife450's help

@blife450, I need your help

How du I change my username?


You have to ask a mod
So you can ask blife, frosty, or nuggy and they’ll change your username for you

I know Icedcatpusheeno. Sorry if this sounded mean. It’s hard to express emotion through typing

Don’t worry it didn’t sound mean

Ok. Just don’t want to be mean. But how do i ask. I tried @Usernaming him.

Well, I think nuggy is going to be offline until after thanksgiving break, so you have to private message either frosty or blife, and then tell them the name you want

how do i do a secret message

I havent learned yet. I’m new to cc

Hey, I’ve met you on my cursor ideas topic. More warriors cursors plz!!

Still, I havent learned how 2 do a secret message

R U still here?

I can C U relying. How long is that reply of yours

Sorry I didn’t reply
You go to the profile of the person you want to message (assuming their profile isn’t hidden) and click on it. There should be a little blue message button in the top right corner of the profile.


Ok. Lemme try


I did it. What do i do now. I sent it to blife